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i am jacks broken heart.

15 July
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-100 things about me-
01. my names lindsey
02. i hate seafood
03. I suck at swimming. and kt says i swallow more wtaer than i swim in, which is probly true since i learned frommy nana. which is probly why i downed the first time.
04. im the youngest in the family,and i hate it
05. im part lactose intollerant.
06. i hate those gangster people.
07. i have a really weird messed up family
08. i believe in ghosts
09. i drink.
10.i hate people who constantly talk about them self
11. im self conciouse
12. I love photography.
13. i dont like reading because it makes me sleepy
14. I get hungry when I am bored.
15. I hate most of my teachers,and most of them hate me.
17. i like bums.
18.i dotn want to move out of california
19. i hate vacations.
20. i love gay people.
21.i have no talent. trust me, i know.
22. i have a hard time letting go of things
23. i dont get scared easily int he dark
24.i hate holidays
25. i have a hard time dropping people out of my life
26. i probly never really meant it when i told someone i hated them.
27. i say alot of things that arnt true when im mad
28. Sometimes I think I am the only one who could feel such an emotion when I am depressed about something.
29. I love artistic people.
30. i believe everything happens for a reason
31.i use to cut.
32.im not emotional at all unless im REALLY mad.
33. i love my outside family (cousins nana uncles great grandma) even if they are crazy.
34. i dont think i will ever find "the one" or anyone in this case.
35.i dont want to live with my parents
36. i never liked my childhood and its not something i want to re-live.
37. i met tom delonge. and he seemed like an asshole.
38. i dont trust anyone because everyone fucks me over.
39.i also fuck everyone else over.
40.i like skaters
41. i dont want kids
42. i dotn like eating. but i do anyways
43.i hate sea creature. and sea food.
44.i get unconfortable around people im not close to.
45. Sometimes I'll say something and immediately wish I could take it back.
46. im picky about food. i only like certain things. i dont like seafood, cant eat most dairy,some food gives me stomach aches.
47. i never want a guy to take me out to dinner or lunch.
48. i sucked at every sport ive been in. ex. gymnastics,basketball,ice skating...
49. i love getting phone calls from people i dont normally talk to
50. i get excited easily
51.i love getting letters in the mail even though i never get any
52.im not really smart at all
53. I hate being lied to.
54. iw ant to die in my sleep
55. i hate most girls
56. i love piercings.and most of mine i did without going to a proffessional.
57. I think drugs are lame.
58. i suck at school cuase i cant sit down and be bored for very long
59. i have really bad mood swings
60. id otn believe it when people dsay they know me really well, becasue i barely know myself.
61. i dont get along with my family.
62. i dotn like going anywhere alone. but when im in my room i just want to be alone.
63.i hated middle school and inever want to relive it
64.i have never been hooked on drugs/ did any hardcore drug
65.i love big cities and wish i grew up in one
66. i get attatched VERY easily
67. i like making out. but i dont like guys doing things tome. as my cousin says "i wouldnt want my head in my crotch,so i dotn want someone elses int ehre either"
68. i get intimitaded easily
69. i hate long car rides
70. i want to be a bartender when i grow up
71. i hate long car rides
72. i can take pain
73. i have a really bad memory. it runs in the family
74. i love sleeping
75. i look up to alot of people.
76. i love giving massages even though i suck at it
77. i give up easily
78. i dont leave messages cause i feel stupid haha
79. i dotn like guys with alot of muscles cause im scared that they'll abuse me since thats how my brother is.like i like guys with muscle, i would probly just enver get with one.
80.i hate most girls
81.my mind goes blank alot
82. i hate birthdays
83. i love rain but i hate wind
84. i like it when people do nice things for me
85. i like when me and my sister and cousin just ddrive around and moon people just becuase its fun.
86.im going to stay 5'6ish for the rest ofmy life.
87.i have a hard time remembering things
88.i ahte shopping but love getting new things
89. i hate bitchy people and cant stand them
90. i dont want to live past 50. eve thought a psychic lady iw ent to said i was going to live until i was 90.(poeple live a looooong time in my family)
91. my brother broke my thumb when i was younger. he chipped a piece of a bone off just by throwing a stupid rubber ball at me.
92. i always keep up with peoples journals...even if they piss me off
93. i hate my body
94.i keep everything thats important in a journal. and i write in it when im grounded.
95. I hate being bored. and i get bored easily
96. i love making new friends.
97. i love unique poeple
98. i hate people who try so hard to fit in.
99. i tend to use people.
100. i love dying hair.